coop.js fundamentally relies on creating a seamless user experience, they cannot know that the website they are visiting is actually tucked away within an iFrame.  The problem with this is that browser vendors do not want users to have their browsing sessions hijacked by websites masquerading as other websites.  Thus communication between parent windows and their child frames are carefully prescribed around what is known as the same-origin policy.  The same origin policy prohibits communication between website addresses of different

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Last Mile

The “last mile” is always the most difficult for me:  dotting my i’s and crossing my t’s has never been a strength of mine, literally and figuratively.  However, ease of administration and security are both crucial for adoptions by others and I must get both straightened out before the soft launch of Earlier this week I spent my time breaking down the install of Speech.js into manageable parts and putting polish on the install process.  I pulled the finished,

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Counterfeit-Proof Physical Bitcoins

The problem with current “physical” Bitcoins systems is that their production cost scales at upfrontCost + btcValue x rawMaterialsCost x coins while the attack cost is only upfrontCost + rawMaterialsCost x coins.  Storing a physical one-way hash of the individual coins on Namecoin would make such coins “counterfeit-proof” in that the attack cost scales at some multiple of the reproduction cost of the physical one-way hash.  This is a major breakthrough for both Bitcoin and traditional currencies. (more…)

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Safeplug is Not Safe

The importance of my personal security has increased in line with my involvement within Namecoin and as head of  Lots of money and secrets could be gleaned from compromising my systems. My laptop is the workhorse for all of my personal and professional  activities and segregating my administrative functions would be very complex and less secure than I would like. Over the winter break I looked over my options and settled on using a Chromebook and an NFC implant

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On Domain Name Squatters

Domain name squatting has become an overriding point when discussing Namecoin.  After a tumultuous early life, many important domains (including namecoin.bit) were lost to squatters.  How to combat such pollution has been hotly debated.  However, I would like to outline the simple mechanics underlying all solutions to domain name squatting. (more…)

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Finding “Um”

…in one of the greatest moments of interviewing in public radio Bob Edwards, as the thought is forming in your head, Bob Edwards says to the guy, “You never say um?” I have emailed NPR, Bob Edwards, and lobbied the This American Life staff trying to find this 20-year-old interview. (more…)

15 Torrent Freak approved proxies/VPNs by cost, speed, access to iPlayer/London Olympics and more!

I profiled 15 providers from Torrent Freak’s Which VPN Providers Really Take Anonymity Seriously? by cost (monthly and yearly), max clients, speed, exit node countries (for the iPlayer in Britain, and Netflix/Hulu in the US and any high privacy/shady countries like Sweden or Romania), tunneling tech (OpenVPN and socks/OpenSSH because PPTP/L2TP/IPsec+PSK is a given) their acceptance of BitCoin and Tor exit nodes.  I left out metered hosts and any that fessed up to logging. Summary of the results after the

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