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Debunking okTurtles, DNSChain, &

okTurtles, DNSChain, and form a software stack that is being sold as a panacea to online surveillance and DNS censorship.  This hyperbolic marketing is disingenuous if not dangerous.  I would like to outline exactly what each piece of software does and how the stack relates to the field as a whole. (more…)

TPP IP Chapter Primer

Characterizations of the intellectual property chapter of the TPP ranges from “SOPA on steroids” to “DMCA++“.  As someone who is building a blacklist resistant infrastructure, I needed to know the details so I treated it like a patent application and rewrote it.  It turns out that the copyright lobby has succeeded in using a trade treaty […]

Understanding Snowden

After hearing about my background in political psychology, I was recently asked what we can do to make people care about what the NSA abuses.  I cannot remember the lame answer I offered, but I have been turning the question over in my mind for the past two weeks. (more…)

A Chilling Effects for Domain Name Seizures

Domain seizures used to be a rare occurrence, but US law enforcement has become adept at exploiting a quirk in the Internet’s governance structure that allows them to seize domain names without due process.  The rate has been increasing exponentially with a total of 87 in 2010, 350 in 2011,  758 in mid-2012, to 1,700 in mid-2013.  […]

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