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Learning Ubiq P2: Support Structures

As outlined in Part 1, the traditional style of documentation is antithetical to actual usage.  Style is a major problem, but the delivery mechanisms are just as bad. At best, a manual can be oriented to predefined tasks and known problems, at worst it is a dense technical read with a broad overview intertwined with […]

Learning Ubiquity P1: Minimalist Documentation

It has been over a month since my last post -testing has taken a backseat to reading research in social learning theory and technical communications.  But now I have some more solid ideas I want to share in this 3-part series. Today I am going to talk about a typical users, how they learn, and […]

Ubiquity Advert

I don’t really need to make it perfect for my closed tests.  If I were doing this for a real ad I would have a single, flowing sequence like search on Craigslist, check prices on Ebay, email it to a friend, and  insert a map.  I am working out some compression issues so I can […]

Community Building and UI

There is a lot of talk about community building for the Ub command developers. My main concern is UI engineering; how can we help command developers create Humane commands? Earlier I blogged about the translate command, offering some suggestions, hoping it would help future command developers. Sadly, we can’t expect trained Usability professionals to review […]

Ubiquity Translator Command

I have been running into two types of usability problems in my testing of Firefox Ubiquity. One set of problems is with Ubiquity itself, it’s discover-ability, the display of suggestions, help, etc. The other set of problems is with the commands. The Translator command caused a lot of confusion. It would change the contents of […]

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