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Interarchy: A Love Letter

I’ve always thought of Interarchy as the hacker’s FTP client. It has serious street cred, it’s written in Haskell and it started out life as the “Anarchie” FTP client.  However, after becoming a core-contributor to Namecoin, I find myself stopping short of endorsing it as the hacker’s FTP client of choice: Interarchy is not open source. (more…)

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Spooky Trolls

A lot of the objections I hear about Snowden’s disclosures regarding the NSA center around “Who get’s to decide what to make public?” Well, it certainly shouldn’t be any of the top NSA leadership, the White House, or the Congressional committees who “oversee” the NSA.  Whatever wrongs Snowden is guilty of, they pale in comparison to the trampling of our rights to free speech, privacy, and freedom from unfounded persecution. He deserves the medal of freedom. It doesn’t surprise me

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15 Torrent Freak approved proxies/VPNs by cost, speed, access to iPlayer/London Olympics and more!

I profiled 15 providers from Torrent Freak’s Which VPN Providers Really Take Anonymity Seriously? by cost (monthly and yearly), max clients, speed, exit node countries (for the iPlayer in Britain, and Netflix/Hulu in the US and any high privacy/shady countries like Sweden or Romania), tunneling tech (OpenVPN and socks/OpenSSH because PPTP/L2TP/IPsec+PSK is a given) their acceptance of BitCoin and Tor exit nodes.  I left out metered hosts and any that fessed up to logging. Summary of the results after the

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Mother’s Birthday Party

Originally I was planning on having a surprise wedding for Vicki & Tim. They have been together for 20 years and I decided that Rein, the Zen monk from Amsterdam and killer Go player, would make a good priest. Thankfully John (my mentor) talked me out of it. But that didn’t stop me from coordinating a birthday party! So I got my brother to fly in from Germany, coordinated invites with Tim (my stepfather), the dinner with Pam & Kevin


Seattleite discount

So I am in the Salt Lake City airport feeding my caffeine addiction at the flight terminal Starbucks.  I order my latte, take my scone and, while waiting in line, I decide I should get a discount. (more…)