Seattleite discount

So I am in the Salt Lake City airport feeding my caffeine addiction at the flight terminal Starbucks.  I order my latte, take my scone and, while waiting in line, I decide I should get a discount.Once at the head of the line, I look in to the cashier’s eyes say in an even tone, “I’m from Seattle, so I get the Seattlite discount.”
She nods, rings me up, rattles off the total and I ask, “That includes the discount?”


Indeed: 10% off- a whole $1.17- over half the cost of my scone!

In all fairness the receipt has “Airport Discnt 10” which is actually a little cooler than Starbucks giving all Seattleites a 10% discount because it’s mind control.  S/he who controls the frame…

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