Interarchy: the ultimate file transfer utility

I am writing this because the Mac world seems to be totally blind to the best file transfer utility on the planet: Interarchy.

Interarchy is a favorite among hackers, and it used to be aimed for hackers.  It will expose any HTTP file listing like an FTP client.  It also does S3 and many other cloud file transfer protocols  Interarchy used to be named Anarchy.  It is written in Pascal and a plug-in system based on Perl.  It’s faster than any other file transfer utility.

But none of that is what makes Interarchy awesome.  Interarchy kicks ass not just because of it’s technical prowess but because of the interface .  While it’s not perfect, general usage is comparable or better than the competition.  Where Interarchy blows it’s rivals out of the water is the “ease-of-use” that they have enabled with the Interarchy “iFTP” protocol: ssh commands made accessible through the gui, perfect for the designer-turned-web-admin.

While they are great coders, the Interarchy team is pretty awful at self-promotion; their site lacks SEO and they don’t appear to do advertising.  Interarchy’s diamond remains hidden among the run-of-the-mill FTP programs.  It’s a tragedy.

I’m not getting paid to say this.  I just love this program, and wish more people could experience the joy of Interarchy.

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