Solving the Jenny McCarthy Epidemic

While I appreciate the work does to shame Anti-Vaccine supporters into vaccinating their kids, I don’t think it’s working.

I really, really, really hate anti-vaccine people.  It enrages me that Barbra Walters (a news reporter) wouldn’t threaten to quit over Jenny McCarthy’s new role on her daytime talk-show, The View.  McCarthy’s views are not “controversial” they are deadly.

Much has been tried to force Anti-Vac nut-jobs into vaccinating their kids.  Frontline has a great (if dated) documentary which includes candid interviews with Anti-Vac parents.  Doctors have tried forcing parents to sign “contracts” that they understand they are deliberately harming their children.  School districts have tried tying enrollment in public education to vaccine usage.  The scientific community has gone to great lengths to prove a lack of autism rates to vaccines.  They even retracted the main journal article that sparked the latest Anti-Vac wave.

It wasn’t until I saw “The Refusers” music video that I understood none of this would help curb the Anti-Vac movement.

They have turned themselves into a persecuted minority and arguing with them will not help.  As long as we actively engage with hardcore Anti-Vac parents we will only reinforce their worldview.

For one, I suggest we reduce the perceptual link between vaccine delivery and early onset disorders, such as autism.  Changing the delivery method may make the whole episode less stressful for parents as well.  For those that can’t be administered in any other way, we need to combine them into as few shots as possible.

Parents that want to refuse vaccines for their children should be required to volunteer in outbreaks.  Most of them are upper-middle class and have vaccines themselves.  They shouldn’t be flagged as such, it’s important that they are just an invisible volunteer.  Obviously, a quarantine should required before they go home.  If treating sick children for two weeks won’t change their mind, then they should be left alone.  Ultimately, the Anti-Vac movement needs to be starved to death.

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