Mother’s Birthday Party

Originally I was planning on having a surprise wedding for Vicki & Tim. They have been together for 20 years and I decided that Rein, the Zen monk from Amsterdam and killer Go player, would make a good priest. Thankfully John (my mentor) talked me out of it.

But that didn’t stop me from coordinating a birthday party! So I got my brother to fly in from Germany, coordinated invites with Tim (my stepfather), the dinner with Pam & Kevin (good friends), and desert (an incredible cake and a fountain with $200 worth of chocolate flowing out the top) with John, then drove 15 hours.

The first surprise came on the way down, my mother waving at me with a cute grin in her cute black TT. Vicki, of course, happened to leave work early and get on the highway (she contracts with different hospitals in addition to her private practice) in the 10 minute window there was to catch me on the highway. Anyway, she didn’t know about Jake and I bought enough time to deliver him with some flowers.

Me, Jake, and Tim showed up early to help with the set-up. I had wanted the party to be on a Friday at 7:00, and then my parents reminded me that everyone is over 50 now, so it was pushed back to 5 on a Saturday. 5 o’clock rolled around I played social butterfly trying to entertain everyone until the princess made her arrival. The party ran it’s normal course and I began to crash around 10:00, 5 hours of being so high tempo without caffeine is no joke. Jägerbombs need to make it’s way up the age range.

The skiing has kicked ass, sweet snow, 60º runs giving me serious speed control issues. Anyway, more later, I need cookies.

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