I am looking for experience doing psychologically focused political research; primarily designing and testing the efficacy of campaign material, particularly the underlying frames/mental models.  I am an adjunct at Cognitive Policy Works.

Human Centered Design and Engineering

I have a Bachelors of Science in Informatics and a Bachelors or Arts in psychology, both from the University of Washington.  I specialized in human/computer interaction and embodied cognitive psychology and human performance enhancement.

Usability is a broad profession, but it boils down to making things cognitively simple.  I know how teams need to be structured to produce usable products and I can help you structure your development workflow around usability.

Usability Engineering Consulting Rates

I provide general user experience consulting, usability testing, personas, wireframes, and graphic design at an hourly or fixed cost.  See my portfolio for examples.

Closed Source: $50-$100/hour

Prices vary depending on type of work.

Open Source: $30-$50/hour

If your content is creative commons licensed or your company produces free and open source software, my fee drops to as low as $30/hour.  If you happen to be building a super secure OS that needs a new GUI, saving the planet, or doing natural language interfaces you might convince me to pitch in for free.

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