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Update 7/13/2011 They study is past done, it’s history.  My paper didn’t get published, and, while was a good first attempt, I am not sure if it’s worthy of it. For one, the video is WAY to fast paced to take anything in, and  real consumers would be exposed multiple times, reducing cognitive load on each viewing.  At any rate, here is one of the production videos I used:

[vimeo 6242699 w=544 h=313]

You can check out the embedded video clips and other media related to the study here. Perhaps I will get the paper into a student research publication, it’s on my summer to-do list.

Update 4/22/2009 This proved pretty popular after Jono emailed it around, ~6K views so far.  So I made the imagery and audio sync a little tighter.  Trying not to do anymore work on it until I get approval from the ethics board, then I will have downtime to redo all the video to the latest version.

I don’t really need to make it perfect for my closed tests.  If I were doing this for a real ad I would have a single, flowing sequence like search on Craigslist, check prices on Ebay, email it to a friend, and  insert a map.  I am working out some compression issues so I can put the iMovie project online to make remixing easier if you are interested.  Suggestions are welcomed in the interim : )

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