Ubiquity Translator Command

I have been running into two types of usability problems in my testing of Firefox Ubiquity. One set of problems is with Ubiquity itself, it’s discover-ability, the display of suggestions, help, etc. The other set of problems is with the commands.

The Translator command caused a lot of confusion. It would change the contents of a page, and users didn’t know how to revert it.

So instead, I thought up a translator lens that allowed us to visually communicate how to revert the page and provide control after the command has been executed. That might be a bad idea, more than 1 way of doing things…

Below are some mockups. They are public domain and both link to my Flickr account. Get the Photoshop files here: UbiquityTranslatorPSMockup.zip.

In addition to the overall problems, some testers expected translate to translate the entire page if they didn’t have a selection. I’m worried about modality on this one (since they might not realize that they have a selection) but we can handle that later.

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